Further News on Layer Pit.....

After the recent issues at Layer Pit, the Board have taken the decision to reduce the biomass of the fishery. This decision has been taken after consulting with various fishery specialists and not one that has been made without careful consideration.

Layer Pit will be closed on Saturday 16thJune for the first stage of the biomass reduction. This first stage will be the removal of approximately 200 carp up to 19lbs in weight.

The second stage will be a large scale removal of the silver fish population and will involve a number of closures of the fishery. This will take place later in the year when the temperatures have dropped enough to allow the fish to be moved safely.

Further biomass reductions may be required in the future and harvesting the stock may become an annual event, especially with the silver fish.

Any funds that are generated from the removal and sale of stock will be reinvested in Layer Pit.

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