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Layer Pit Update August 2012

‘Following investigations by the Environment Agency, CEFAS and Aquatic Consultancy we are pleased to confirm that the carp are not suffering from any diseases or virus’s.

It has been concluded that the recent mortalities are a result of gross overstocking and poor habitat.

Therefore a significant stock reduction programme will be instigated in the very near future. Carp and silver fish will be removed this autumn/winter and will continue for the next 5 years as a minimum, if deemed necessary.

Also, Essex & Suffolk Water will be undertaking works to remove the sandbar in the car park bay. This work will commence at the end of September/beginning of October and will take approximately 4-6 weeks.

Consequently, Layer Pit will remain closed until these works have been completed and we do not envisage reopening until at least mid-November. Please note that the pit may not reopen this year.

Layer Pit and its fish stock need time to recover and we hope that you understand why this closure remains in the force.’

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