Layer Pit CLOSED For a Minimum of 7 Days from 24th May 2012

It is with regret that the board have to close Layer Pit for a minimum of 7 days with immediate effect. We have taken on board professional scientific advice and it is their considered opinion that;

  • with the hot weather that we have had over the last few days.
  • combined with the fish starting to spawn
  • and in conjunction with a reduced Dissolved Oxygen level
  • and a raise ammonia level

All of these factors combined leave the fish stock in a very delicate position and we have been advised that reducing the angling pressure on the water may help us through this period of very high pressure on the fish. We are therefore left with no alternative but to close the pit for the well being of the fish stock.

We hope that you can appreciate the reason, and the short notice of this action, but we stand to lose more in possible fish fatalities by keeping the water open to angling pressure, than we do by doing the correct thing and closing the water down.


CAPS Board.

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