Litter Offensive

Due to an increase in the amount of litter being left by a few inconsiderate members, CAPS are having to re introduce the issuing of the litter notice. (Copy below) When a bailiff checks your ticket they will give you a litter notice which explains the clubs intention to enforce the no litter rules.

Litter Offensive

You have been handed this slip by an officer of the society as part of our determined campaign against those who litter our waters. Our officer, will record your name, membership and peg number of the swim you are fishing. Please co-operate fully with him in this matter.

It is our intention to enforce Rule 6d vigorously: - you will find the text on Page 10 of your rulebook. PLEASE ensure that you fully understand your responsibilities under this rule and comply with its requirements in order that you Do Not leave yourself open to its consequences.

Steve Dormer, Hon. Secretary

Colchester Angling Preservation Society

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