Thanks from a member

Dear Steve
My name is Deo Simcox and I am a young member of your club. I have been meaning to write to you and give you some feedback for the club from my views.


It has been a great summer off school for myself and really I want to say THANK YOU, to Wayne Clarke who has helped me with information in the past and also when I joined. Barry Haberland for giving me lots of time when I have been over to Rectory doing my research of that lake. It was no effort for him to walk the lake with me, sharing his records of what fish it contains, from his little black book and sharing some tips for bait and spots for when I get to give it a proper fishing session.


Also to John the bailiff at Preston’s for helping me as I began mapping out my own version of the lake in my book; as I planned my tactics and worked hard all week after school to get my yardages etc having blanked (except for bream); when fishing with regulars. I feel that my success this last weekend therefore is partially down to him! It made a special difference to me, for him to make the long walk on Saturday night round to peg 60 and spend more time and have a cuppa.


It’s also partially down to a guy called Steve who I think is a bailiff at Bov and his mate Dan. They came round to see how it was going and whilst I was busy tying rigs, fishing three different methods and approaches; I was all ears listening to that Steve and I thought he knows a bit. So I decided to go and see them and then Steve showed me how to crush a micro barb and file it correctly. Something I haven't done myself before and he also shared some tips on when and how best to drop the lead.


If you know Steve can you say thanks and let him know I caught another on Sunday morning by dropping the lead near the snag and on the rig I made with the hook he prepared for me. Pleasant guys, and I got a feel that they know their stuff and were willing to help a youngster too. They made a difference.


Justin at Olivers for having a chat on my third visit and I must say well done to Riki (I think that was his name even though I haven't personally met him) for keeping that place really tidy and emptying the bins. In fact all your staff and bailiffs, in my experience so far should have a pat on the back as you all work hard to keep things looking nice and without question it adds to the pleasure when fishing. I know some may not get paid, so that is why I think it’s important that they should know people appreciate it, well I certainly do.


If you know the two members at Inworth (both called Wayne) they to were friendly and helpful when I went and stalked there in preparation. People like the two Wayne's, a guy called Ryan at Bov2, quite a few willing members at Preston’s etc, all make it a little easier possibly and certainly a bit more enjoyable. It all helps and I think there may be valuable members and I appreciate them helping me initially with local knowledge as I learn these waters.


Finally, I met a gentleman at Oliver’s called Mr. Dave Davis (I hope I have remembered his name correctly. I think he said his friend was the club secretary. Could that possibly be you) He was fishing for Tench, but is a good Pike angler.
Mr. Davis and myself chatted a lot about catching fish especially Tench and he shared not only a lot of tips and his years of experience,  but he ever so kindly gave me some bait and some hooks.
Now, whilst I said thank you to him that day, I would really like to say thanks again if possible. As I have tried some of his ideas. If you are his friend and the secretary he meant at the club then could you possibly forward my thank you email below onto him.
Special thanks to Mike T and Wayne Clarke for returning my friend and his Dads call regarding joining the club. They have joined now and I have some other friends that its likely will join next year.


So this email really is just to say "A big positive Pat on the back" for all the guys as they seem so far to do a real good job. If you know Dave Davis can you pass on my message below please.
Best wishes and Thanks
Deo Simcox.

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