Treasurer Vacancy

Treasurer Vacancy

As Tom Baker will be resigning from the board of CAPS Ltd at the next AGM (Feb 2014) a vacancy for treasurer has occurred. CAPS Ltd will be looking to fill the vacancy from its membership. This is an ideal opportunity for someone who would be interested in becoming part of the future of CAPS Ltd, and/or someone with an interest in small business. Accountancy/book keeping skills are not necessary. The ideal candidate would need to be flexible and committed.

CAPS Ltd now employ the use of their accountant to pay all invoices.

The duties will include but not limited to:

Being prepared to become a director of a limited company

Being part of the decision making process of CAPS Ltd

Keeping accurate records - approximately 300 financial transactions per annum (daily/weekly)

Corrseponding with our bank (occasionally/as required)

Visiting the bank to pay-in and withdraw monies (occasionally/as required)

Corrseponding with our accountant (daily)

Liaising closely with the other Board members, especially the Membership Secretary (occasionally/weekly/daily)

Attending Board meeting (monthly)

Attending Finance Committe (as required/once, twice annually)

Attending annual AGM's

Preparing simple financial reports (occasionally/as required)

Collecting money from our agents - shops (occasionally/as required)

Corresponding with our contractors (occasionally/as required)

Attending meetings with landlords (very occasionally)

Writing to members (ocassionally/as required)

To perform the above duties, applicants will need to:

Have access to a computer with Microsoft Office

Have an email account

Perform simple computer related tasks - write emails etc

Have knowledge of operating Excel spreadsheets

Have access to a printer

Have spare time, preferably some of which would be during office hours

Be committed

Although available to all, the ideal candidate may be retired/semi retired, with time on their hands and an interest in small business/fishing clubs

Please contact a member of the committe for further information or to apply

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