Welcome to the official website for the Colchester Angling Preservation Society Limited

Colchester Angling Preservation Society LTD, or CAPS as we are known, have been providing angling in Essex since 1921 and have a membership of over 1400.

CAPS aim is to provide our members with a good and varied sport in pleasant surroundings at a reasonable cost. We have an ongoing programme of improvements to all our waters to help facilitate this, with fish stocking and swim building being just two of the things on the list.

We have 17 stillwater’s with over 80 acres between them, plus in excess of 8 miles of rivers. Our waters contain Carp to over 40lb, Tench to over 12lb, Chub over 6lb and Cats over 60lb, along with a good head of Pike, Roach, Bream, and other silver fish. Night fishing is allowed on most of our venues. So if you are a Carp angler after a PB, or a pleasure angler looking for a day out, we have a water that caters for you. All our stillwaters are open all year.

The club have recently approved a stocking programme with VS Fisheries to introduce carp into various lakes over the next few years. Snake Pit and Lodge Farm have already seen a stocking of fish.

Membership can be purchased from the majority of tackle shops in Essex and South Suffolk or from this web site.

Latest News
Please note that both of these venues are closed to all members from Monday 29th January to allow the otter fencing...
Olivers Lake has had to be closed to allow some dangerous trees to be removed. We are intending to complete this...